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Team Lumo are a collective of like-minded artisan developers with a track record of creating innovative, award-winning games such as Kumo Lumo, Paper Titans, Lumo Deliveries and Lumo’s Cat. Part of Leamington Spa’s Arch Creative scene, the team aim to make unique experiences to surprise and delight players; combining elements from the fringes of pop-culture.

The collective includes:

Jonathan Evans – Design
Nic Williams – Art
Chris Allen – Code
Lorna Cooper – Code
Steve Stopps – Production

We also collaborate with:

Romane Granger – Concept Art
Chris Randle – Audio

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Summary of our games:

Lumo’s Cat Co-Op Collider

Released: October 2015

Platform: Apple TV

Price £2.99/$3.99

Players: 2


Lumo’s Cat

Released: October 2015

Platform: iOS Metal

Price: Free

Players: 1

Lumo Deliveries

Released: October 2014

Platform: iOS Only

Price: Free

Players: 1

Paper Titans

Released: July 2013

Platform: iOS Only

Price: £0.79/$0.99

Players: 1

What the press are saying:

Lumo’s Cat

“The art-style is lovely” Pocket Gamer

“fun loving take on strategy” Apple’n’Apps

“the most adorable, strange, and downright bizarre games on the App Store right now” Stuff

” It’s sheer pandemonium, but very much in a fun and silly sort of way.” C|Net

Lumo Deliveries

“the game is totally adorable” MacNN

“delightfully quirky visuals” 148 Apps

Paper Titans

“one of the best-looking iOS games I’ve seen” IGN

Lumo’s Cat and the Co-op Collider

For Lumo’s Cat and the Co-op Collider Team Lumo have designed a new experience especially for the Apple TV.

Steve Stopps says:
“We were originally console developers before we transitioned to mobile a few years ago, so we knew the mobile game just wouldn’t make sense as a big screen experience. We wanted to create a fast paced social game for all the family.”

The result is Lumo’s Cat and the Co-op Collider; charming, fun packed couch co-op mayhem. Players take control of the Star People, and try to protect their sleeping cat from hoards of noisy mice.


2-Player battles for all friends and rivals!

Discover the amazing world of your cat’s dreams and nightmares!

Level-up and unlock amazing cat hats and kitty costumes

AI Buddy support to help out lone wolves

Chaotic fun for players of all ages



Unique Visuals:

The unique visual direction is the result of an experimental collaborations between two artists:

Romane Granger – A student of ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris

Nicholas Gilligan Williams – The Team Lumo house artist

Romane approached Team Lumo for work experience. The team loved her art style, and entrusted her with the art direction for Lumo’s Cat. Nic worked with Romane helping her explore the possibilities of her mixed media concepts. Nic then carefully interpreted Romane’s 2D concepts into expressive 3D characters and environments, adding his own voice to the work while maintaining the integrity of Romane’s initial vision.

This experimental approach created a unique visual experience. Each scene is a rich tableau with an underlying depth that reaches beyond the lighthearted antics of the mobile game experience.